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Marine Expeditionary Force Leader Begs Obama to Stop Troop Pullout from Iraq, Citing "Grave Economic Risk" to America

"Those boys have a job to do over there, a paying job. Here? Not so much."


"Look, wars are expensive," says Major General General Majors. "Everybody knows that. But how did the United States find its way out of the Great Depression? That's right - World War II. Military manufacturing made it happen for us, and set us on the path to becoming the economic engine of the world."

Today is no different, says Majors. "Everybody likes to talk about how the war in Iraq cost over a trillion dollars. But where did those trillion dollars go? I'll tell you where a lot of it went: into the pockets of hard-working soldiers, defense contractors, civilian consulting firms, military PR agents, drone manufacturers, weapons researchers, military medical personnel, rehabilitation and physical therapy experts, psychological counselors, and on and on. That wasn't just money invested in the military, or in Iraq. That was money invested in America, money that has helped to keep the American economy from sliding into the worst depression in a hundred years. Let's be honest: the war was a stimulus package like no other. And frankly, I think it's a terrible mistake to quit now, just when things are starting to pick up."

Majors shook his head and thoughtfully stroked his sidearm. "It just doesn't make sense. Unless maybe the President is getting ready to go into Pakistan. That could be good for everybody."

art source: Hawaiibusiness.com

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