Oceanside is a place that can always be appreciated even if you do not know the soul inwhich it's essence truly arises. Upon first arrivivng here some may take in the the old structures or the abundance of souls drifting around the town. Others may see the vast individual enterprise arising amoungst the ashes of old school buisnesses. As a an old transplant I appreciate the charm still found in the soul of a community based on art, freedom ,and kaos. This is the one true place where you may find a favorite dive of a place to eat. Where young soldiers are in the first town outside their own state. Local surfers have surfed the same spot for twenty years and are still only on first name bases with you even though you have surfed next to them forever.. Where the homeless person down the street is a welcomed friend when you see them. Where the old prostitute you recognize becomes the streets institution. A place where tattoo's were brought here from Freemon and the street named after him. Where a cheap apt. near the beach really exists. (SHH!) On that one. Cool bars with odd looking people are accessible for a unique connection. The aromas from buissness failed and those sprouting show life to a changing environment, A beach with free parking and good waves. Neighbors who hold on to the old ways and try to except the new youth. The ability to hear great music or memory of an old punk band and a crazy night, Times when the only person in Oceanside who gets you is the surfer in the water whom dosent remember your name, or your favorite homeless soul getting a ticket. Knowing that somehow you have stayed here and got the charm, history and vibe which bounds your insides to a town with comfort. Oceanside is a place of music and movement just don't tell anybody..Lisa

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