This is not news. A married couple with two children who were having financial difficulties and marital problems took their children out, and then somehow made sure that one was dead and then took their own life. Wait! Wait. Okay,...I'm a parent who truly believes that the most wonderful day in my life was the one in which my precious child was brought out of her mother's womb and into our world. Now, fourteen years later I'm still held in awe whenever my daughter so much as utters a word. The mere thought of her infectuous laughter makes me smile with simple joy. Call me sick, wrong, or simply morbid but, the way my brain functions operate is like most men's do. First I establish a visual. Its a sort of clinical form of establishing a crime scene as it were. The information given was that the mother was found in a tub in the house. The children were found dead and floating in the pool with their father held under by weights. Am I correct? If anyone with any common sense comes across this scene,its obvious that a pair of parents lost their collective minds and selfishly decided to include their innocent offspring into their deluded paranoia. How dare I? How can I even begin to imagine what these desperate tormented souls were feeling? What gives me the right to judge people whom I don't even know. "Who the the hell do you think you are?", you may even be mentally screaming at me. "Don't you care that there are survivors out there who deserve respect?" Fact is that we are all a part of this global experiment called life and we all have a God given right to speak our minds. Please dear reader, let me try and process this madness 'cause if I can't find a way to wrap my self around this,...this,...sadness, I think I'll just die. I remember a time in my life when my back was up against that proverbial wall, (that we usually build up for ourselves anyways!) but the thought of destroying myself never came into question. Heres the thing. The visual, if you will. Did both parents hold those beautiful children under water until their lifeless bodies went limp? The violent, life wrenching struggles would've been enough to shake me out of my madness, anger, frustration,...hell! Who knows? I know, I know,... only God in heaven knows. How does one reconcile this thing? Where do you store it inside your mental hard drive? In the end. What can you do about it? Nothing! Not a damned thing. You process it, and you move on. It seems that acts like these are so commonplace we quietly groan, "Oh no, not again!" and just as the news report starts a fluff piece about the cutest ugliest dog competition, we just as quickly forget, reaching for another slice of delivery pizza only to be shocked by the next report of carnage and suffering in a country we've never heard of. Where does it stop? Heres the back breaker. If you were to ask anyone that knows me, they would tell you that I"m the most positive, optimistic person they know. I can find the good in most anything, or anyone for that matter. So why do I have this impending sense of doom that not only hangs over me but, all of us? Things are getting worse as we speak. Politicians lie because they're in the corporate pockets. Not only do they not even make attempts to correct themselves, they sign book deals to give their side of he story. Evangelists steal from their flocks. The big church in Rome hoards riches and violates our children with impunity and still they swear that they are in the service of Christ. Where do we turn? Just look up and start a dialogue with your creator. Buddha, Jesus, Confuscious, know. No intermediaries, just you and your higher power. Have a talk with God my friend.


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