It was Monday morning Sept 15th I was waken to the sounds of chain saws running and someone at my door yelling "hello, hello anyone here", I open the door and the man that was doing all the yelling say to me" Is it okay if we move your table you have in the back yard because we are cutting the pine tree and don't want any branches to fall and ruin it". Sure I said. The next day more sounds of the chainsaw about noon I look out my window and oh my god it was plain to see that they were not just cutting it they were cutting it down to the ground. I ran outside and asked the man in charge if that what they were doing he said yes, I told him you can't do that, this tree is too old its been here for many many years, I love tis tree so do the birds, the owls, he tells me that what the owner wants. Tears running down my face I run inside and start making calls to everyone I could think of the City, The state, anyone who I thought could help me. No one could, So i had to sit and watch this gentle giant be cut down which took a week. The tree was 60-70 feet high and about 65-75 years old, and is now gone nothing but a big hole in the sky where the tree stood for so many years. I will miss this gentle giant, and so will a lot of other people not to mention the birds, and yes my friends the owls. Thank you D. Roe

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mwhitlat Dec. 29, 2008 @ 6:37 p.m.

How sad! I had the unfortunate experience of having to cut down a huge eucalyptus tree on my property. It was close to the property line and the owners of the neighboring property thought it would topple in a storm. I did not want to do it! Who knows how many creatures it housed!


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