Computers, ATM's, email, cell phones, ipods, ipads, ebooks....Progress.

Many years back, progress was a good thing. Ships, planes, automobiles, tractors, gas and electric power tools and appliances made life a bit easier, yet you still had to do the work over many hours or days. We manufactured most of the products ourselves, here in the United States.

The telephone made it easier to communicate long and short distance. But we lost touch with our writing skills and penmanship. We have even outsourced our U.S. businesses customer service, and often talk to people from other countries to fix an issue with a local business or product.

Electronics Age: Though the product itself is wonderful and convenient. It has left us in the dust as far as employment. Relegating some to dinosaur-hood. With computers, came less paper work, so we needed fewer people to handle the tasks at hand. It also affected many outside the obvious employment. Paper mills, printing presses, collators, binders, transporters of the longer needed. Much of the electronics produced outside the U.S.

We are progressing ourselves right out of employment. The older generations hardly stand a chance in this former futuristic idea, that most thought would take a while to really catch on... or even believe we could do this to ourselves. So here we sit, with unemployment at such a high rate.

I have so many friends that are unemployed, and with very little chance at finding a full time, decent paying job. Not for lack of skills, but lack of opportunity. Wages haven't kept up with the times either. They are frightened for the future of their families. How they will survive. Homes in jeopardy of foreclosure. Hard working business owners are falling by the wayside. Employment benefits exhausted. They have lost their American Dream.

My husband made his weekly visit to our local bank to cash his paycheck. He walks up to the tellers window. The teller says to him that he should use the ATM, because it is "more convenient, very easy And safe." At which point my husband asked, "Don't you want to keep your job?" The teller looked at him a bit puzzled, then says it is what her bank manager instructs them to say...that was several weeks back. This week she is gone, no longer employed by the bank. They downsized cause they no longer needed her services, along with a few others....progress.


Founder July 20, 2010 @ 11:16 a.m.

Good Post!

I too have been thinking and blogging elsewhere about the millions of unemployed and what that ongoing effect it is having on America's middle class due to the lack of jobs nationwide. Now with Congress endlessly debating along Party lines, our recovery stalled and so many folks without unemployment extensions; America is facing a "Financial Blockade" of the Middle Class... which could very well lead to a Financial Civil War with those with jobs & money on one side and those without either on the other!

San Diego is a wealthy City and has, to date, been sheltered from much of the Financial $torm but now that Congress has stopped sending unemployment checks the dynamic has changed and many more folks HERE are starting to run out of savings!

I wish that everyone in America would start calling each of their Congressional Rep.'s (of both Party's) daily and demanding some "Change" (no pun intended), if for no other reason than the Middle class serves as a buffer between the Rich and the poor. The Very Rich in San Diego County are not used to having to hide their wealth (except at tax time) and would be well advised to support an extension to unemployment payments if for no other reason than guaranteeing their own comfortable lifestyle!


Robert Johnston July 21, 2010 @ 8:33 p.m.

To use the punchline from the WWII-era series "The March Of Time"-- "TIME--MARCHES ON!"

So it is with time, so it is with progress.

We can no more stop progress than we can stop Time Itself. Certainly, we yearn for a "simpler" time, in which we still had the jobs, education, and manners "we once knew."

However, without progress, many of us (myself included) would either be dead or institutionalized. Where we need to be watchful is how progress is used. Like anything else, it can be used for good-or-evil.

And the advent of "outsourcing" has nothing to do with Progress, but with a trend that manifested itself during the Egotistical Eighties. Companies were no longer concerned about putting out a quality product, nor were they concerned about the employees who toiled for them.

No, they were concerned only about one thing: "Maximizing Profits." So, the companies-in-question began looking outside American borders for places where the labor was dirt cheap, labor regulations were more to their liking, and the government would spare them any tax burden.

Hence began "The Exodus." First stop--Mexico and the maquiliadores. Then the People's Republic of China and Southeast Aisa. Then came the Invasion of India.

The crowning irony--The Marshall Islands. They are considered a "U.S. Trust Tettitory," so anything the sweatshops there put out can be labeled "Made In The USA."

Even the loss of the teller at the Wells Fargo bank can be chalked up to "profits before people." It used to be that to talk to a Wells Fargo teller, your account would get dinged three dollars each time.

Yet Prrogress, like Time--Marches On!



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