Get Used to Unemployment

I think one problem is going to be that employment will be a buyer's market, and that competition will be fierce. My daughter got a student loan for phlebotomy school, got her license, then couldn't pay back the loan because there were no entry-level jobs. Now that so many people are competing for jobs, labs are requiring a minimum of two years' experience. She couldn't even volunteer to get experience. The only hospital that would take her on was out at Camp Pendleton, and she didn't have a car to get there. I paid for a chunk of the loan from money I won in the neighborhood story contest, and my dad went ahead and paid it off. He lets her pay it back $30 at a time. I was in probation which is county, and the entire department was practically wiped out. Now probationers fill out a form and send it in. I'd like to know what types of government jobs will be available. I'll bet they will require a level of experience and education that a lot of people won't have. My husband was laid off in 2008. He's just holding his breath until he can take early retirement in two years. But a recent article in NCT said social security will be broke in a few years. I also read that many people are doing the same thing. Social Security may go broke earlier than expected. I had planned to go back to get a master's degree once my kids left home. But I'm afraid I'll get the loan and won't be able to subsequently get a job to pay it back. My age will be a detriment, as well as the economy. It seems hopeless.
— August 19, 2010 12:15 a.m.

Pig Pit Goes Boom

I mean sensibilities. It's late.
— August 18, 2010 10:59 p.m.

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