John McCann's ad for Chula Vista City Council

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bbq April 9, 2014 @ 6:08 a.m.

Dear John,

Let's see where to begin.... How about we rewrite your Quote in the Campaign ad in the above comment, showing your record as a Trustee at Sweetwater Union High School District:

...I am running for City Council (SUHSD Trustee), because I think our elected officials are letting us down (As Trustee, I let you down). We need to restore ethics and transparency at City Hall (SUHSD, I had a chance and failed) and to make sure our elected officials are working for you, the people and not for themselves (Maybe not directly to my pockets, but with self-interest and interest of the SUHSD Adminstration vs. the taxpayers and students). Less taxes (except for Mello Roos hikes during recessions and mis-approriation of said Mello Roos "Taxes"). Less Traffic (how about distracted Driving?). Less crime (unless it's white collar and fellow Trustees or campaign signs on public Land). Less news stories of our elected officials failing to lead... (Censorship or Higher standards? Have you looked in the Mirror lately?)... and failing us. (You've got that right, you've been in the position to make changes!) We need more positive results. Period... (The only way to ensure positive results is to remove career politicians, like you from office).

By the way I like the disclaimer that you are not endorsed by the Military, similar to those now required by members of the public when addressing the SUHSD Board, after your employee, Superintendent Brand called a member of the Public's government Employer and complained about her personnal research and opinion of activities at the District...

Mr. McCann, be careful when you point things out, they often come back with you standing in the pile of excrement you helped create.



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