Death of a thousand cuts

What is most interesting about this Goldsmith/Briggs email spat is that they were as thick as thieves in their efforts to get rid of Filner, but now it's legal briefs at dawn. What happened? I think the answer may lie buried in the Sunroad story. Goldsmith is very close to San Diego's "other" billionaire, Aaron Feldman, who is perhaps even more powerful and ruthless than Manchester or Jacobs. Feldman has a habit of hiring former City people like Tom Story, who from his days at Development Services knows the San Diego permitting process better than any other. Is he lining Goldsmith up for a top legal job with Sunroad? He has a big hotel project coming up on Harbor Drive that will require expert handling. It would be classic Feldman to be "working" Goldsmith with promises of after-office riches. Everybody underestimates Aaron and he likes it that way. He doesn't seek the limelight like Jacobs or Manchester. There is reason to believe that Goldsmith and Story tricked Briggs into helping Feldman by suing Filner over Sunroad in Kearney Mesa. The Sunroad setup was Goldsmith's grand plan to get rid of Filner. The sexual harassment plan only came later. Filner was told by Goldsmith that the applicable City Code was exactly the opposite of what it actually is. Now that took balls by Goldsmith! How much Briggs understood is uncertain. He was clearly led to believe by Goldsmith that Filner had breached the law and encouraged to wade in with a lawsuit. It is what Cory does. If Briggs only found out later that he was as much a victim of the Sunroad setup as Filner was, then we are in for a fight to the death between these two top-dog lawyers. It may well be that Briggs has reason to believe that Goldsmith is hiding email proof, perhaps involving Tom Story, that Sunroad was indeed a setup. There is lot of money and prestige riding on this one, perhaps even somebody's law license.
— August 4, 2014 7:42 a.m.

Auditor, ethics director back plan to purge emails

Thanks HonestGovernment but I think the following link works better because it goes directly to the blog entry from which you quote that Stacey Fulhorst is a "Casey Gwinn-trained and establishment-compliant". That she is. I also like this quote: "San Diego City is a nice little "Ministerial" family". That it is. One other thought from that 2008 blog: Grant Thornton is the foremost fixer of government privatization contracts worldwide. Sadly I have encountered them in Ireland to my dismay. Their MO is readily apparent. They infiltrate national and local government departments (often through wives and relatives) and "influence" government contracts.
— March 11, 2014 9:55 a.m.