SoccerCity's open special influence money frenzy

You're wrong about a few things here, Cassander. Most importantly, I believe there IS credible urgency for Soccer City backers to be able to demonstrate to Major League Soccer that San Diego is a perfect place for a franchise, that there is public enthusiasm and a huge market for a San Diego soccer team in a new soccer stadium in the heart of Mission Valley, at the nexus of freeways heading east, west, north and south. There are uncertainties and unknowns, no guarantees, but Major League Soccer needs to know we really want soccer here. Now, not "later." Timing matters in business transactions. City Council has the authority to move this qualified measure to a ballot and it should do so. The people have a right to vote this up or down and I think Council is obliged to make it happen. Secondly, I am neither jaded, blase, sophisticated nor complicit in our comfortable corruption. But I am sick of its evidence at our Democrat-dominated City Council, especially when, for once, a remarkably future-oriented positive possibility such as Soccer City presents itself. Soccer City is designed by smart and successful risk-takers who are NOT our usual venal local suspects. And they are likely soccer fans, as am I, and as are thousands of other children and adults in this large metropolitan area. I am also sick of dutiful reformist kvetchers blathering a great and fun new idea to extinction while soberly invoking rules like Measure L. Soccer City has qualified its measure for the ballot. City Council has the authority to make a special election happen this fall, consistent with the language quoted from Measure L. Delaying, waiting, putting off -- that's the real "end-run." It is unjust for Council to prevent the the people from voting this fall on a plan to bring Major League Soccer to our city.
— June 3, 2017 5:36 p.m.

SoccerCity's open special influence money frenzy

City Council members can milk the lobbyist cash cow all they want, as far as I'm concerned, but then they should unanimously get behind replacing the vacant Qualcomm behemoth: they should do their duty and place Soccer City's qualified proposal for a small soccer stadium, residential and commercial development and a river park (!) on a special election ballot for November 2017. Infernal caviling about process, propriety, and other niceties of elusive ideal political life in San Diego have never paid off for the citizenry. Private conversations and secret deals have been cut in this town forever for personal profit and ugly densification. Not long ago there was even a useless $2 million environmental "study" commissioned for an obsolete Qualcomm Stadium. Nobody had any problem with that. Suddenly there are hypocritical scruples all over the place as Soccer City visionaries try to do something both historic and fun: bring Major League Soccer to millions of fans in this perfect metropolitan melting pot of San Diego and Tijuana. Soccer is a sport with a future and San Diego is the perfect venue. Soccer City's push to bring a major league soccer franchise to our area depends upon an expression of public support for MLS to consider making it happen here. This City Council needs to suck it up, embrace the risk and vote to put the already-qualified measure on the ballot for November 2017. In this instance City Council's job is to facilitate, not to obstruct. For once, can't we get behind a wonderful idea that deserves a modest boost?
— June 2, 2017 8:19 p.m.

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