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Magic5: I resisted watching "Clueless" for some time until my niece trapped me into seeing And you are right is IS funny...sort of like a female version of "American Pie"...emphasis on shoes and clothes instead of sex. :) What strikes me though when you bring that movie up, is that the actress who starred in it (forgive me, but I'm CLUELESS right now as to her name) is a damn good actress. I saw her play June Carter Cash in that movie about Johnny Cash and thought she did a helluva job. I understand she sang the musical scenes herself instead of having her voice dubbed. That's gutsy. Oh, another movie that my niece made me watch but I ended up liking: American Psycho. And yes Josh, Suzanne does know her she does with most stuff. :) Don't mess with the "S" Her analysis of each film blows ole Duncan away. I guess my taste in films is a bit more pedestrian. SD do you know the name of that actor who played Hitler in the original production of "The Producers." He is certainly worth a mention, particularly in that role. :) And why again can't someone be a Mel Brooks fan? I'm a fan of the movies of his I've seen in that he made me laugh, hard, and some of the lines from those movies are classic in "It's good to be the King".... and just picturing John Candy in Spaceballs or Spacenuts or whatever makes me crack up. (Speaking of John Candy, how about Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?). But yes, most of his movies are just dumb, dumb, dumb. Perhaps the best thing ole Melie ever did was marry Anne Bancroft. You are right about the horror movie genre...not my fav at all. I will say though I always thought the Shining was overrated. But ya gotta love Nicholson it almost anything he does. That one ghost story movie with Nichole Kidmann...where it turned out that she and her children were actually the ghosts...that was worth a watch, that and "Cujo." I would love to hear what people's favorite "thrasher" movies are. My sweet niece just loves those movies, the gorier the better. I don't get it, and I'm sick of watching women trip in the woods or fumble with car keys. Not a fan of gore in general.
— April 28, 2009 5:23 p.m.

From Preps to Pros

JoshB-You wrote: "NOW SD...MY QUESTIONS ARE THESE: Why is it hard to pinpoint? It shouldn't be hard, if it's an obvious bias." My guess on this would be it's hard to pinpoint because the same people trying to make sense in the disparity of results across gender and ethnic lines are the very people creating the tests. A "forest for the trees" type of problem from the get go. Further, I think the "obvious bias" relates to test results, i.e., test results clearly show that something is up ... not that the tests demonstrate obvious bias on their face. Look you have to agree that the quality of education in poorer neighborhoods is far less than in more affluent neighborhoods. Yet everybody gets the very same standardized test. I don't care if they are asking about lobster bisque versus pork and beans. If you get a crappy education it follows you are probably not going to do so great on a test, any test, designed for all students at the expected level of study. This is especially true if you have little to no support at home when it comes to school work. So those kids' test results only show what they didn't learn, not what they could have learned. But the answer isn't to dumb down the test.... the answer is to give disadvantaged populations a better shot at a decent education. There should at least be parity in this regard...and there should be at least as much incentive for these kids to do that as it is for them to develop their jump shot. Not because it's the warm fuzzy thing to do, but because our society and industry will benefit from fully developed minds; developed to their true potential.
— April 28, 2009 4:30 p.m.

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