Enough nepotism and cronyism

Dana,sorry your information is incorrect. Bertha should have been given an FPPC fine not a misdemeanor. You have no idea what politics came into play in this situation,starting with Gandara,Brand,Espana and finally Dumanis. You were not present. You know nothing about the DA's office not allowing the cases to be separated. The SWC people having to all go to trial or all plea out,same with SanYsidro,and Sweetwater. Only Arlie was allowed to make a deal. Anyone ever wonder why? Bertha was the only one that supported our efforts,and bothered to go to the DA,and assisted in ways you know nothing about. Could you afford to go to trial after spending a fortune on an attorney that shouldn't have been necessary. This women served this community and the public turned on her because she couldn't afford to go on. Yes, I support Bertha and feel awful that we asked for her help. She's running for office because she feels it's the only way to show she's not guilty. Will she be elected,probably not especially after someone I truly believed in Kevin O'Neil sent out a mailer stating that Bertha was guilty of bribery. This is also false as your thousands of dollars comment and gifts. O'Neil showed his true colors and is trying to climb on the band wagon in order to get elected. This is the man that spent $894.00 on robo calls for Bertha in her last run. Next to us five he was the person that knew the truth about what was happening to Bertha. I know because I cared an respectEd this man. Then the SEA and AFT send a flier out showing Bertha behind bars which never happened and claimed she committed bribery as well. Why? Because of her name recognition and fear that she could win. Incidentally Arancibia claims he didn't have any knowledge about this and O'Neil said it was a mistake. Well I haven't seen an apology on their websites for this egregious error! Yes, I'm tired super sensitive and was in hopes because I know you are honest that if Bertha didn't win you would. Why because I've already been fooled by someone I believed in. Fran
— October 22, 2014 1:56 p.m.

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