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Sweetwater district sued from Texas

Oh no, Eruption has erupted. First off, it's mister but feel free to call me Dorian. You could have gone on to the staff page to see my bio and the hundreds of articles I've written to find that out, but never mind. Not a big deal. There's no contest here. I cover, and have covered, cities throughout San Diego County for the Reader. I don't, and never have, suggested that I am some authority on South Bay. So, before freaking out, and before hurling insults my way, maybe you should do some fact checking of your own. Ms. Luzzaro did a great job. She has her critics as well as her supporters. Best of luck to her. Now, onto the lawsuit. I write for the website as well as the paper edition. For the website, throughout the week, I write brief news articles. Because Ms. Luzzaro no longer contributes to the Reader - for reasons I am not aware of - I decided to write about a new lawsuit from a former SUHSD principal against the district. I found this lawsuit as I was looking at recent court filings, which I do nearly everyday (see the list of stories I have written and you will see what I am referring to). Because of the past controversy with South Bay school districts and because Ms. Luzzaro did such an excellent job reporting on those topics, I wrote about the lawsuit and included the backstory, which Ms. Luzzaro wrote. This article, as all of my others, are meant to inform. I have no objective other than that. I have no stake in South Bay's school districts. So, please, spew whatever comments you might have but try to avoid the insults. -dH
— September 17, 2015 10:08 a.m.

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