Alliant University leaves Sweetwater school district property in National City…sets up at Southwestern College?

OMG!! Is this possible to get any worse than this debacle? Has Ed eaten too many avocados up there in Escondido? Why do we have to spend time and our thin resources on this stuff. I have dug up some material I got. Let me quote from a March 15, 2013 Email from Pamela Fleisher regarding English Learner Services (EL): "We have 9 schools with no EL Services being provided this year. Also can you see from the report quite a few schools did some of their classes but not all of them. One third of our English Learners are not recieving any services according to this report. **This looks bad for us**." We are now in damage control mode because the ACLU I heard is after our ass over this. Now we get to a bunker and refer it to Manny. Then I heard in the hallway at Central Command that there were incidences at schools recently with improper conduct of coaches and some kind of hanky panky with a student. This is what happens when Ed focuses on this extra stuff and does not mind the store. The Board continues to let this guy continue. Now I also hear the Ipads have "issues" just like every year. Issues used to be known by a different word PROBLEM. In fact the Ipads have problems now this year. David Damico went so far as to state in a July 31, 2013 email referring to Ipads: "We know these issues have a direct impact on instructional programs and contribute to doubts about whether technology is better or worthwhile." When will it end?
— August 11, 2013 2:36 p.m.

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