We Filipinos eat with our hands, drive crazy on the road, point with our lips

I grew up knowing my ancestory, SD. I was also taught that it didn't matter where my relatives came from. What mattered was the fact that I was born an American. This is suppose to be the world's melting pot but the funny thing is, nobody but us true Americans wants to melt into the pot. As for my labeling "that" guy as a black guy or a Mexican guy or a Jewish guy, so what? Many people do that. We're ALL a little racist. Not even you can deny that. My take on different races is simple:Work hard, live your life and don't pull the race card when the s*** hits the fan and we'll get along great. I have many neighbors from different ethnicities. I talk to them and say hello to them all the time. If one of my ethnic neighbors has the cops called on him and he or she tried pulling the race card out, not only would I call them on it, I'd lose alot of respect for them as well. I'm not saying that there are racist white cops out there. There are. They're the exception to the rule though. As for this issue being so important to me, why not? People from other ethnicities start the discussion everytime I hear, "Why can't whitey leave us (insert ethnicity here-Americans) alone?" ANYONE(black, white, Irish, Filipino, Chinese, Haitian) born in this country LEGALLY is an American. There are NO exceptions to that particular definition to the word no matter how the minorities spin it. This is why PC people like you, SD, piss me off. The rule has been established. No matter how hard to try to inflict your willpower to bend or break it, it can't be broken. You can't put a PC spin on the definition of the word American. You can call yourself Hawai'ian-American all you want. I'll laugh at it. Not because I'm racist but because I see through the PC bulls*** that's slowly rotting this country from the inside. And you're absolutly correct. As an American if I want to call myself a Jamaican-American that's my perogative. However, I have no right to get pissed when people laugh at me.
— March 8, 2010 3:47 p.m.

Found a Peanut

I agree 100% with you on kids having a happy childhood. I'm the exact opposite of you. I had a pretty good childhood. With the exception of certain things, I'd say I was smothered too much. The reason why I'm pessimistic about the world is because I was smothered too much. Instead of being honest about life with our children, we let them be innocent. That's a pipe dream. Case in point, Chelsea King. You could argue that Chelsea King was 17 years old and knew enough about life but I'd counter that RB seems to live in a bubble and it does. I lived down the street from where John Gardner grew up and that neighborhood is VERY insular. Chelsea grew up in Chicago. She should've known better than to go out running alone. I am by no means letting her killer off the hook either. Chelsea's death was NOT her fault but it could've been prevented with the right mindset. I'd like to believe that Chelsea's death wasn't in vain but I'd be naive to think that. The citizens of Sandy Eggo would like to believe that if they bark and holler enough about our sex offense laws, they'll magically change. WRONG ANSWER! It all comes back to education. Don't get me wrong, MsGrant, I'm NOT saying our sex laws don't need to be changed. They do. However, if we educate our children about the John Gardners in life, it won't make a difference if they change or not. Most people say I'm racist. I say I'm just being honest about what the average human already thinks but is afraid to say aloud for fear of being labled a racist. All I'm doing is educating the brainwashed masses, MsGrant. If I'm unpopular for my opinions, so be it. Life isn't a popularity contest even if American Idol watching morons like CuddleFish think it is. ;-D You say you had a REALLY s***ty childhood. Don't let the past influence your future. I did for years and it almost drove me insane.
— March 8, 2010 1:02 p.m.

Let’s Be Friends

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