No pool party at Bud Kearns this summer, kids

While Todd Gloria has been busily extolling his "sexy streets," cracking wise about going as Lady Gaga to the State of the Union address, and sharing news about Justin Bieber's haircut, while he went off to DC to scout his political ambitions around the capitol, while he neglected to do anything of serious note during his time on the council, except to countermand all the good things Mayor Bob Filner did and falsely grab credit for the new library downtown by having the mayor's name removed and his etched in, while he was finding thousands of dollars for dog parks and neglecting Balboa Park on a scale that barely falls short of criminal, he still found the time and the nerve to declare himself a candidate for higher office. As rep for the Council district that encompasses Balboa Park, Todd Gloria had one job. Well he almost ruined it, by failing to properly investigate Lilygate as that would have exposed his role in that fiasco, by supporting Jacobs Folly to the point that he improperly blocked everyone who questioned the project from his FB page and then lied and said the majority of San Diegans supported the plan, by his failed leadership on the Centennial Celebration and where the millions went is yet to be known, and by this Bud Kearns pool fiasco, also the pleas and complaints from the disabled community regarding parking near the museums which he has disregarded. And we aren't even talking here about the Portland loos, the Jack in the Box reversal, and a hundred other fails he covers over while his machine pushes him forward into a seat he has shown himself incapable of serving or deserving the honor. He is a hideous little boy; I used to be a Democrat but the leadership of the Party in San Diego has let me down to the point where I can freely choose who I want to represent me. The Toad would not be on that list.
— August 24, 2015 11:56 a.m.

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