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The Battle of Madison Avenue

Hey RG, You mention Manifest Destiny but you don't explain it. It was a belief in predestination based in great measure on the doctrine of the chosen people of the old testament. The Puritans believed they were the chosen people of the new world.It was their excuse to implement lebensraum. Also the actual incident that sparked the war was the uncertainty over what constituted the southern border of Texas. Was it the Rio Grande as the US claimed or the Nueces River as Mexico claimed (James K Polk, Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein all used border incidents to justify land grabs). As for the treaty of Guacamole Helado (Guadalupe Hidalgo)it's just another broken American promise (see articles VIII, IX and the omitted article X).As for its impact on the US Civil War I definitely agree that it made the war a much bloodier affair. That was because many of the military leaders who led Union and Confederate forces fought alongside each other as young officers during the US-Mexico conflict. They knew each others strengths(and weaknesses). Among those who spoke out against the US invasion of a sovereign nation were such great Americans as Henry David Thoreau and a young Illinois politician named Abraham Lincoln. I know I'm just a dumb dishwasher so my words carry no weight but maybe the words of an ex president might mean something;"Since we have been in Matamoros a great many murders have been committed...Some of the volunteers and about all the Texans seem to think it perfectly right to impose on the people of a conquered City to any extent(at one point General Zachary Taylor refused to accept any more men from Texas), and even to murder them where the act can be covered by dark. And how much they seem to enjoy acts of violence too!...I had a horror of the Mexican War...only I had not moral courage to resign..."Ulysses S Grant. And what about the battle of San Pascual, where that dirtbag Kit Carson said "the greasers won't fight." As advocates of Arizona's AB1070 are discovering, we still have a lot of fight left in us.
— May 8, 2010 8:59 a.m.

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