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All Saints stylist’s style

Fashion inspiration: Instagram

After grabbing an iced latte fromCommunal Coffee, one of my favorite coffee shops in South Park, I spotted Baltazar, looking polished in a casual denim-on-denim ensemble. I later learned that he is a stylist at ...

ShayButter’s chunky sweaters make a statement for fall

Fall sweaters and blonde locks in La Jolla

On my most recent shopping trip to La Jolla last week, I spotted Kara, wearing an outfit that made me rejoice over the changing seasons. Whenever I hear the word “fall,” I immediately associate it ...

Paola Alberdi-inspired style from H&M, Zara, Bershka and Forever 21

Check out the San Diego fashion influencer’s Amazon “drop”

In the Refill Cafe in Hillcrest I spotted Melissa wearing the most stylish linen blazer. I admired her effortless style. When I approached her, I learned that the Napa Valley native has lived in Tijuana ...

Karen Olea’s thrift scores from Salvation Army and AMVETS

The San Diego native documents all of her shopping trips to local shops

I was headed to my car on the top level of a busy downtown parking structure when I caught a glimpse of Karen Olea mid-photoshoot. Karen wasn’t a stranger. I actually recognized her because I ...

Jaceli’s casual clothing from Nordstrom Rack, Lucy Paris, and Marshall’s with a fun personal touch

“I think the best accessory you can wear is a smile.”

This month I attended a backyard BBQ in Chula Vista to celebrate my friend’s graduation. There I met Jaceli, a Chula Vista resident who is originally from Los Angeles. We both griped about our desire ...