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San Diego’s cut in parking spaces hurts homeless

Will they owe their souls to the company town?

Where to store the Subaru, curb the Kia, or dock the Dodge? As San Diego’s housing crisis grinds on, the question of parking has become a monster whose tentacles reach well beyond conventional issues such ...

What happened in ransomware attack on Port of San Diego

Iran-backed hackers demanded Bitcoin

New disclosures reveal higher stakes than previously known when the Port of San Diego fell victim in late 2018 to a major cyberattack now believed to have originated in Iran. “This cyberattack was called 21st-century ...

Sacramento pushes granny flats, Coronado demurs

"Laws of supply and demand don’t work" at the beach

The San Jose Mercury News recently called the practice of renting to tenants living quarters built without permits in backyards and over garages “a municipal game of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’” “Of course, we’d like ...

Hillcrest DMV plan makes friends of enemies

Nobody likes the state's design

Watchers of land-use politics in San Diego were surprised when late last year two names usually on opposite sides of controversial building projects suddenly showed up in TV interviews espousing the same passionately held position ...

Sew Loka – on the alley between Evans and Sampson

Sign of emerging Barrio Logan

If you’re looking for parking along Logan Avenue in Barrio Logan’s hip arts-and-eats district south of Chicano Park, there’s a good chance you’ll give up and park a block east or west. I wound up ...

Haitian immigrant discovers a Mexican dream

Earthquake victim lands in Tijuana

Rogeste Mercy, 36, and his wife Magalita Bordes, 37, lost their apparel business and their livelihood in Port au Prince, Haiti, to an earthquake that jarred the island nation in 2010. “We lost everything,” Bordes ...

State senate bill may dismantle San Diego's bail bond industry

Opponents say it will cost billions and remove “a human touch”

When Cali Jones (an alias she suggested) found herself in jail for a second time for methamphetamine possession, “The cops took my son away from me,” a sobbing Jones tells the bail bondsman by phone ...

Missiongathering Church in San Diego’s North Park

Homelessness is a choice — say what?

“Ranked in order, I honestly believe the most common causes of homelessness for this age group [18–24] are family, followed by mental health issues, and, third, drug or alcohol abuse,” explains Alexandra Cochran, 28, a ...

Pot shop or landlord the bigger problem for San Diego Alano Club

University Heights group may go up in smoke over coffee

“You know when somebody just wants you gone.”

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