Suzanne Ledeboer

Suzanne Ledeboer writes Stringer articles about the Normal Heights neighborhood, and in her spare time is the "Sidewalk Lady."

Articles by Suzanne Ledeboer

Normal Heights' Chutes Park would've been fun

But, developer left with funds and someone else's wife

In January of 1907, the Venice Construction Company optioned from D.C. Collier's Ralston Realty 50 acres of land in a canyon on the northeast end of Adams Avenue overlooking Ward Road in Normal Heights. Water ...

Why "Normal Heights"?

Safely assumed answer is over 100 years old

"Why is this neighborhood named 'Normal Heights'?" is a question asked frequently by residents and non-residents of this neighborhood. Here is the answer: In 1905, when Col. D.C. Collier and the University Heights Syndicate bought ...

Ward Canyon Neighborhood Park makes room for mutts

Dogs unleashed!

The Normal Heights Community Association, with support from the Adams Recreation Council (and the city's Park and Recreation Department), the Normal Heights Community Planning Group, and the Adams Avenue Business Association worked for nearly a ...

Old man Ward might be proud

Canyon's name can’t be traced to a specific person

Some history before the interim off-leash dog park opens next month at Ward Canyon Neighborhood Park… Ward Canyon in Normal Heights appeared on maps in 1921 as a "Deep and Steep Grade to Mission Valley," ...

Normal Heights library rivalry

Kensington had more parking and a bigger building

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new central library in downtown San Diego, one month and 56 years after the current library at Eighth and E Streets opened in ...

Big woof for Ward Canyon

City gets working on Normal Heights dog park

On Monday, October 19, the ground for the interim off-leash dog park at Ward Canyon Neighborhood Park in Normal Heights was cleared and leveled and orange temporary fencing set up. There was no official groundbreaking"ceremony, ...

Dog park controversial in Normal Heights

Parks and Recreation Department finds $22,000 to fund project

An August 26 email from District 3 councilman Todd Gloria's office to the Normal Heights Community Association provided an update on the plans for an interim off-leash dog park at Ward Canyon Neighborhood Park. A ...

Normal Heights Starbucks Vandalized

Vandals attempted to break into the Starbucks at the northeast corner of Adams Avenue and Felton Street in Normal Heights early Friday morning, April 6. According to a Starbucks employee named Tray, he and fellow ...

Normal Heights Elementary School Opens Playground, Sparks Protest

In accordance with a joint-use agreement signed by the San Diego Unified School District and the City of San Diego seven years ago, on March 9, the playgrounds and playing fields at Normal Heights Elementary ...

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