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Best Reader stories from 1981

A San Diego bookie, Jacquelyn Littlefield, Fidel's and Prophet restaurants, Jerry Herrera, cystic fibrosis, Gustavo Romero, San Diego's biggest cattleman

Postcards From Western Civilization Some years ago at Christmastime, when I was a teller at a bank downtown, I came to know Wayne Boyer, who was then an apprentice bum. I met him in the ...

Maple Street sewer repair, part two

They tear up streets and make parking difficult for good reasons.

March 21,1997(Friday, 7a.m. to 3p.m.) ... and including, The Tale of the Palm (Act II): The Fiat is not to be seen when first I peek this morning, it remains in the driveway and the ...

Maple Street sewer repair, part one

Concrete pipes replaced

For several months last year, they tore up the streets in my neighborhood, installing a new sewer. I watched this closely, for I had taken — have still — a deep interest in repairs. Repairs, ...

The San Diego life of a castrated man

Tom, it's time for your shot

I first heard about Tom Blarney from a woman with whom I had worked. She had a friend, she said, who had lost both testicles to cancer. He now took supplemental testosterone shots, and he ...

What success brought Fidel's in Eden Gardens

The man who made it

“It’s always going to be his [Fidel’s] way. . . . You buck heads with him and he’ll tell you, ‘I don't need you.’ ” This happens fairly often and Fidel fires his sons with a certain regularity.

San Diego cystic fibrosis sufferers learn to live life by the moment

No time to dream

"When I was nine my grandmother heard from a friend about this clinic down in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast. So my mother and I flew down there in the winter because I was constantly ...

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