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You can run but you cannot hide (at least not in Tijuana)

Was James Gibson tortured by Mexican police?

When two Mexican police officers and two FBI agents showed up at his beachfront Playas de Tijuana apartment on October 17, James Gibson had reason to suspect that his attempt to start a new life ...

Big Beef in Mission Valley

Roberto DePhilippis, the owner of the Butcher Shop Steak House, got very angry one night last spring. In fact he had been seething since November of 1985, when his landlord, the Plaza International Hotel in ...

The Fall of Mary Alice Hill

Confidential documents reveal a confused and bizarre series of events surrounding last year’s firing of SDSU’s athletic director and indicate that the fight isn’t over yet. At 11:00 a.m. on July 24, 1985, a day ...

The Long Trial of Ron Mix

Did the former football hero do anything wrong, or was he merely an innocent victim?

Those who know Mix find it hard to believe he is capable of wrongdoing; one attorney says, “He’s known for paying attention to the little guy. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about him.”

So You Want to Be a Doctor

Don't be surprised if UCSD School of Medicine turns you down.

"The pre-med nerd sits in the front row in his classes and asks questions all the time to display his knowledge;' explains Hu. "Usually he already knows the answer. He takes furious notes and carries a tape recorder."

Title to Trouble

The Gagosian mansion is a multimillion-dollar monument to the egos of wealthy and flamboyant men. It is also bad luck.

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