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A rooster in La Jolla was just not going to do

The chicken or the ego?

It was one of the weekends when my wife announces, out of the blue, that she is miserable, and except for our son, our marriage, essentially, is a disaster. I was building a chicken coop. ...

The next door neighbor on Fire Mountain in Oceanside brought me Spider in a box

The deal with cats

You are merely tolerated. They do not need you. You love them anyway.

We bought our house on Fire Mountain in Oceanside during the real-estate frenzy

Where the heart is

I carried a drink outside and squatted down on the lawn in the lee of the big bottlebrush, an ancient beast gone from shrub to tree with a trunk as broad as my waist, and I thought some about the frightening new notion of home ownership.

Reader writers: the story I wanted to write... but didn't

“Maybe an animal story”

Sandy and a girlfriend had gone into a liquor store, robbed the clerk, They locked the clerk in a walk-in cooler. Sandy started feeling bad about the guy. She went back and let him out.

Our new garden up on Fire Mountain, in Oceanside, looked like hell

Life and growth are only parts of the whole

In the Southland tract where I was raised, developers planted geraniums in front of every house for purpose of immediate, colorful effect; and geraniums were the first things you pulled out to make room for more “sophisticated” plantings.

A model trout habitat in Baja

Salmo nelsoni in the meadows of La Grulla

We also didn’t want to find ourselves short of water, but twice we came perilously close. I remember giving my fiancee my canteen and telling her to hold that last swallow as long as she could in her mouth.

All of the La Jolla hotshots were there —Tim Lynch. Rusty Priesendorfer. Reed and Joel Wayne, Skip Frye — except one

Gary Keating's suicide

Do you know what it is to be an old surfer? To hustle waves from kids who weren't even born when you first learned how to catch a wave? To pull out all stops beneath ...

Miramar Gun Club buddies teach me to shoot

A hunter at heart

Immediately I had a strong sense of my father's love for that gun; when he handed it over to me, I knew it wasn’t without some regrets. “It’s yours, under one condition. Don’t you ever sell it.”

Surf fishing Black's Beach for halibut

A cast of one

Is surf fishing the domain of the little man? Let’s nip this one in the bud. Surf fishing breeds intimacy with fish, the sea, and freedom. The spirt of the game is its refined simplicity.

Let’s Be Friends

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