R.W. Bell, Jr.

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SEALs fight in Vietnam and in Coronado bars

From Cam Ranh Bay to the Tradewinds

The time is the late ’60s and it is a typically quiet afternoon at the Coronado bar, the Tradewinds. Suddenly the tranquility is disturbed when a group of 20 to 25 young Navy midshipmen enter ...

San Diego's part in the early days of surf films

Bud Browne, John Severson, Bruce Brown, Walt Phillips

There are certain Friday nights at Encinitas's La Paloma Theater when the crowd awaiting the 9:00 p.m. show is a virtual sea of blond heads. Blond heads standing in line, blond heads looking in shop ...

To share a ride from San Diego to Boston

Like being trapped in a B movie. Not only was the plot ridiculous but the dialogue was bad.

It certainly sounded innocuous enough. Just one of many requests for riders on the bulletin board at UCSD’s student center. There was no indication that the person who placed this ad was a ghoul or ...

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