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Explanation of a San Diego Southside boy

We would hang on 30th Street by a little fence

I really didn’t like the other gang. They were weak. They let people push them around. We could go kick back in their park, and they wouldn’t say nothing about it. Anyone could go to their park.

Red Steps-Lomas rivalry claims victim in Chicano Park

Huero walks

Since Logan is the largest Hispanic gang, it is frequently challenged by smaller gangs. According to the testimony of a Red Steps homeboy (gang member), the gang is currently fighting with at least six other local Hispanic street gangs.

A Golden Hill homeboy gets ready to do some time.

Speedy claims Lomas, the Law claims Speedy

“We walked down the street to the car,” he said, drawing me a diagram to show where it had been parked on Glendale Avenue on the other side of E Street. “But my hand started hurting.”