Robert Glück

With Bruce Boone and other writers, Glück co-founded the New Narrative movement in San Francisco in the early 1980s. Glück has served as director of San Francisco State’s Poetry Center, codirector of the Small Press Traffic Literary Center, and editor for Lapis Press and the literary journal Narrativity.

Glück wrote about gardens for the Reader in the mid-1990s.

Articles by Robert Glück

The Johnny Appleseed of Books

Herman Irwin gives away a thousand books a day.

"Hi, I'm Herman Irwin, the book man. I acquire books. I sort them and I bring them to the people who can appreciate them. I'm in jails, prisons, literacy groups for children, seniors, people in ...

Get That Gorgeous Girl Out of That Rock

A romantic gardener in Ocean Beach

Sin recalls a disaster that struck San Diego before the war: When the water from Hoover Dam was first used in California, it was too salty and killed all the begonias and acid-loving plants.

Let strong color breathe

A gardener unfraid of bare dirt

As time goes on, my garden becomes more defined. I like flowering trees and bushes, and climbing roses, for example, more than annuals, or herbaceous boarders. I’m sorry, I don’t like much color; I’d rather ...

Mr. Plantier: Disobedience and Exile

Get lost in UCSD's Stuart Collection

When I taught creative writing at UCSD, I was impressed by the adventurous sculpture sited around campus — The Stuart Collection. Since campuses are gardens, these sculptures are garden sculptures, animating and conferring scale on ...

Dog Soup

A stench fouls paradise.

Gardens, however modest, are visions of paradise. As such they are the setting for activities that take me out of time. Gardens reconcile me to time on the grandest scale. In gardens I engage in ...

What We Love Chooses Us: San Diego's Secret Gardens

East San Diego, East County, University Heights, Rancho Santa Fe

"My granddaughter and I made a 6-foot-by-6-foot sunflower house and then put morning glories across the top. My other grandchild has a tepee of red scarlet runner beans, those little pumpkins, and gourds."

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