Richard W. Amero

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Madame Shumann-Heink, the diva of Grossmont

Last of the Titans

“I do not see why my children should work hard when I have plenty to provide for all of them. I do not want them scattered. I want all of them near me all the time.”

The removal of the Cupeño Indians from Warner Springs

A curse upon this place

The commission recommended the government purchase 3438 acres adjacent to Pala, Some 2000 of the acres were arable and 700 irrigable, as compared to the 200 acres that were arable and 150 irrigable at Warner Springs.

A history of Horton Plaza

Capital Place

When Gill undertook the redesign of the plaza in 1908, the prospect before him was bleak. The plaza looked like a desert. The Cocos Plumosa palms were turning yellow due to soil devoid of nutrients.