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Peter Navarro unsuccessfully ran for mayor on an antigrowth platform against Republican Susan Golding in 1992. He subsequently mounted failed races here for seats on the city council, county board of supervisors, and the U.S. House of Representatives, before departing San Diego for Orange County and UC Irvine.

After his days as a San Diego Democratic politico, economist Navarro re-emerged in Irvine as a staunch critic of trade with China, co-authoring the 2011 book Death by China: Confronting the Dragon, which praised American steel-maker Nucor for standing up to Washington’s free trade lobby.

Word subsequently came to light that Nucor had been hit up for $1 million to fund a documentary film based on the book, with the cash to be routed through the Nucor Foundation and on to the nonprofit Utility Consumers' Action Network of San Diego. "We were approached by Peter Navarro to support his film, which we felt was important work and needed to be done,” executive director of Nucor public affairs Patrick McFadden told the Reader's Don Bauder in August 2011.

This year [2016], Navarro has been out on the Trump stump, blasting establishment trade policies and predicting that the Trump administration in waiting will retain the services of a trade negotiator who will confront the Chinese.

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A second commercial claimed that my campaign was funded by pornographers. This was perhaps Golding’s most outrageous accusation, and it brought my poor wife to tears and me to the brink of uncontrollable rage.

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