Paul Williams

Paul Williams
Paul Williams was the founder of the first national U.S. magazine of rock music journalism, Crawdaddy!, in 1966, and the author of more than 25 books, including books on the music of Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, and Neil Young, and a popular “consciousness handbook,” Das Energi. Paul passed away in March, 2013, at the age of 64.

Articles by Paul Williams

Best Reader stories from 1995

Prince of Peace Abbey, Perry Mason, Crawdaddy's daddy, Pat Welsh, Asian gangs, Eckankar, SEALS spy for Koch, Kate Sessions, Carlsbad flower fields

I've got Perry Mason on board! In early 1960, the man who created Perry Mason was introduced to an Imperial Beach resident named Francisco Muñoz. Erle Stanley Gardner had many friends, and he particularly liked ...

San Diego's Crawdaddys big In Spain

Paul Williams asks Bart Mendoza and Ray Brandes about it

"In the future," Andy Warhol predicted, "everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." But for a few San Diego musicians, it seems that the future's arrived ahead of schedule and landed them halfway around the ...

The disappearance of Denver Lucas - what it meant for the San Diego music scene

The lost powerdresser

Love of music creates communities — usually short-lived communities, called “scenes” — that can change lives and, if the circumstances are right, change the world and the course of history. When I moved to Encinitas ...

Paul Williams, Crawdaddy's daddy, now in Encinitas

Interviews himself on John and Yoko, Jan Wenner, Bob Dylan, Timothy O'Leary

Q: What are you doing in San Diego? A: The quick answer is, I fell in love with a woman who lives here. And one good thing about being a writer is, you can do ...

Pearl Jam's self-inflicted hassles from trying to tour without Ticketmaster

At least they’ll still have the recording studio

This is not precisely about music. Rather, it’s about a strange swamp our love of music seems to drag us into, the sticky question of our relationship with the rock star. “I wanna die wasted, ...

Nico – girl in the mind garden

Rock-n-roll's spookiest and sexiest chick

A little-known fact: Jackson Browne was once a member of the Velvet Underground. Not really. But not far off. I have a correspondent in Tokyo, a magazine editor, who tells me that the current crop ...

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