Paul Krueger

Paul Krueger wrote news and feature stories for the Reader from 1976 to 1990, including a media column called Press Passes and a politics column called The Inside Story. Krueger is now a producer for NBC News in San Diego.

Paul Krueger is the father of Will Krueger, who has written a travel story for the Reader on Cuba.

Articles by Paul Krueger

Best Reader stories from 1977

Carmelite nuns, wobblies, San Diego Indians, downtown pool room, Pete Wilson, Hedgecock, skywriting

A separate peace What was I (a Jew — and a nonobservant one at that) doing with such a piece? I’d never spoken to a nun in my life. All I remembered of them from ...

Best Reader stories from 1975

Helen Copley, thumbing to Vancouver, San Diego Detox death, bailbondsmen, David Cheney, San Diego Rowing Club, City Rescue Mission

I tell them my name is Ernie Klein, I'm 42 years old, and I'm unemployed It's the day after Thanksgiving and I'm standing in line at the unemployment office. I'm near the end of my ...

Paul Krueger and the Reader

Betty Broderick, Jack Orr, Mayor Wilson's aides, Helen Copley, Mission Beach's Beachcomber, and racist Mission Valley nightclubs

How Krueger came to the Reader: I had just graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1975 with a bachelor's in U.S. history. I hadn’t taken any journalism classes in college but always liked to write, ...

Stories hidden inside the San Diego Reader

Ventura Place, rock art, Brenda Starr, Vietnamese poets

Editor: The following feature stories appeared in the interior pages of the Reader in the 1970s and 1980s and have just been converted to digital form. Meditations while riding San Diego Transit “Yes, these people ...

The most dangerous part of San Diego

The Market St. and Commercial St. murders

One hundred thirty-five San Diegans were murdered in 1990. More than 100 of those deaths occurred south of Interstate 8 and were concentrated in the neighborhoods such as Barrio Logan, Southeast San Diego, City Heights, ...

Peter Bohmer, Franz Schnaubelt, Mac Heald, Tiffany Chin, Dorothy Morefield, Brian Batey, Alex Drehsler, Robert Cox, Louis Wenzell, Clifford Graham, Dr. David Reuben

San Diegans who were famous for a very short time

Heald’s surrender to Los Angeles police was delayed until he recovered from self-inflicted wrist slashes. Jim Holtzman told staffers if Heald was given probation instead of jail time, he would have the job of executive producer of the Channel 8 news.

Truman Capote's In Cold Blood showed me how good journalism can get

Staying power

Newspapers - five of them each day — have consumed my reading hours for the past decade. That leaves little time for books, which often sit in stacks on my bedroom dresser, unopened, until they're ...

Fight over Camp Pendleton's 28-mile Foothill Corridor

Congressmen Bates and Packard duke it out

Camp Pendleton is Southern California's biggest and most valuable piece of undeveloped land - a 19,000-square-mile island of open space where bison and bobcats coexist with bazooka-carrying Marine Infantrymen. If the peace juggernaut ever pushes ...

Mullet gone in Chula Vista

Over-fishing and power boating doomed tidelands' fish

Its 39 acres of parks, 900 boat slips, excursion dock, and restaurants have made Chula Vista’s new J Street marina a bayfront paradise. But Mike Irey and Luigi Sanfilippo say the multimillion-dollar tidelands project has ...

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