Mark Orwoll

Mark Orwoll, international editor for Travel+Leisure magazine, wrote for the Reader in the 1970s and 1980s.

Articles by Mark Orwoll

Best Reader stories from 1980

Del Mar Man, Guadalupe Island, Pacific Southwest Airlines, Harry Partch

On the path of the old ones It’s now ten years, almost to the day, since an amateur archaeologist discovered what seemed to be extraordinarily old stone tools in a canyon above Mission Valley, and ...

Mark Orwoll and the Reader

Raoul Marquis, the face of Highlander, PB Surfer Motel attacked, San Ysidro border agents, PSA airline, NASSCO accidents, Chesapeake Fish Co., Baptist commune

Mark Orwoll, international editor for Travel+Leisure magazine, wrote for the Reader in the 1970s and 1980s. Editor's picks of stories Orwoll wrote for the Reader: Raoul Marquis – mayor of India Street People criticize Raoul ...

San Diego's old trolleys, off season Mission Beach, lost colony of Mission hills, an abused dog, Surfer Motel attacked, Baseball card obsession

Stories hidden in the back pages of the Reader

The glories of San Diego's trolley system Buses are rough; the passengers fall down easier. With the streetcars, you knew where they were—smooth starts and stops. They weren’t swaying back and forth—therefore, less accidents. And ...

How I committed my friend to mental health

Just over the edge

In the autumn of our senior year at the university, at the time of Kurt's delirium, we lived in a broad and ample house that was owned by rival gangsters. But this is not a ...

A sad Mission Beach dog story

There was a curious odor, like something gone rancid

Four young men lived together not long ago in Mission Beach. They were all unemployed and got by as best they could on their wits. Consequently, they were always on the verge of bankruptcy. But ...

PB's Surfer Motel attacked, guard killed

A fateful dose of Mace

The Surfer Motor Lodge is like any other tacky tourist motel in San Diego. It has tan stucco walls, a swimming pool, and redwood picnic furniture on tiny balconies of the motel’s fifty-two rooms. The ...

Raoul Marquis – mayor of India Street

Early years of little theater in San Diego

People criticize Raoul Marquis for many things They criticize him for being overbearing and authoritarian; for operating the Marquis Public Theater chiefly on government money; for taking advantage of his employees; for running his theater ...

Pacific Beach's Roxy Theater to become post office

The mailman moves

Where once the residents of Pacific Beach bought stamps and mailed packages, they will soon be squeezing tomatoes and weighing bananas. And where once they watched X-rated films or saw rock concerts, they may soon ...

How PSA grew with San Diego

Tales of an airline

“I have designed for [the stewardesses] pink micro-miniskirts to be worn with strawberry hot pants and red boots and they're darling." The color scheme caught on, and by November, PSA began changing the color of its airplanes.