Mark Orwoll

Mark Orwoll, international editor for Travel+Leisure magazine, wrote for the Reader in the 1970s and 1980s.

Articles by Mark Orwoll

The Mailman Moveth

Where once the residents of Pacific Beach bought stamps and mailed packages, they will soon be squeezing tomatoes and weighing bananas. And where once they watched X-rated films or saw rock concerts, they may soon ...

Tales of an Airline

How PSA grew with San Diego

“I have designed for [the stewardesses] pink micro-miniskirts to be worn with strawberry hot pants and red boots and they're darling." The color scheme caught on, and by November, PSA began changing the color of its airplanes.

Nothing to Pier but Pier Itself

There is an island of the coast of Imperial Beach that should not be there. It was once the crossbar section of the municipal T-shaped fishing pier, but fierce storms last winter destroyed the south ...

King of the Fish Mongers

In the shoes of the wholesale fisherman.

Nick Vitalich, Jr. scans the oyster-colored sky for rain. All he wants is a bit more time. Behind him is a pinewood crate attached to a cable and winch, which dangles about four feet off ...

So This Is What They Thought of Next

Like nearly every creative genius before him, Mike Pitzel would like to explain his creation to curious laymen. After all it really is so simple, this Trimobius. Just imagine a Mobius band constructed in a ...

We Are Family: South Bay's Baptist Communes

South Bay's Baptist communities

Pianist Kevin Cope knocks another tune out of the weathered Gulbransen upright piano, and again the group jumps into song unabashedly, with more hands held above heads and more upward-searching faces. But this time the ...


The best newspaper reporting doesn't always get the biggest headlines; sometimes a series of stories begins on page seventeen of the financial section and in several months works its way to the front page, while ...

Some Memorable Characters

People who live back East like to say smugly that their part of the country is saner than ours because all the unbalanced people tend to follow the pull of gravity into Southern California. This, ...

OB Manifesto

Last Saturday the sun was shining on the 5100 block of Cape May Avenue in Ocean Beach, and Red House at 5113 was in full flower. At the side yard gate, casually dressed visitors (mostly ...

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