Margot Sheehan

Margot Sheehan wrote feature stories for the Reader from 1991 through 1993.

Articles by Margot Sheehan

Best Reader stories from 1992

Underground papers, Clinton McKinnon, Michael Reagan, Windansea, I spied on Tom Metzger, Frontier housing, AIDS up close, La Mesa prison, Walter Keane, Michael Reagan, C.A. Smith, Bataan Death March

Notes from Underground San Diego's Free Press (later renamed the Street Journal) was defunct by the end of 1970; the San Diego Door came and went with the Nixon Presidency, 1968 to August 1974.The O.B. ...

Sorrento Valley – what little there is

Lost roads, The Corner House, fights with Mira Mesa, how to go south on 805

Lost roads of San Diego:Sorrento Rd., Smilax, Edelweis There was also once a Smilax Road in Sorrento Valley, one in a series of short roads named for local flora. It paralleled the railroad tracks on ...

Other San Diego summers

Phoenix, fat boy and bikini girl, fireworks, Black's Beach, metal finders, male swimsuits

Phoenix without apologies Traveler, consider our Phoenix. An hour away by air, this flat, posh suburb of Greater L.A. is your finest summer vacation bargain. For the price of a bad weekend in a tacky ...

Lost Roads of San Diego: Truckee Road, Ward Road, Fillmore Avenue

A journey to nowhere, part 3

Murphy Canyon was named for Jack Murphy. Not the 1960s sports columnist who led the fight for a new ballpark, but a pioneer rancher who acquired about a hundred acres of the San Diego Mission land grant.

Lost Roads of San Diego: California St., Douglas St., Sorrento Rd., Camp Callan AVe.

Dead ends, continued, part 2

When UCSD first opened, US 101 had not yet been replaced by the long-promised Interstate 5. Although 101 sliced the campus in two, in its early days, UCSD was mostly confined to the Revelle College area,

Loss: what San Diegans left behind In 1992

Hair, friends, sports, youth, faith, Evening Tribune, John Sinor

Unlike 1984, when Ronald Reagan made it a point to finish his campaign at a giant rally in the parking lot of Fashion Valley, George Bush came to see the All-Star game and was booed by the locals.

San Diego once had three newspapers and one congressional district – ask Clinton McKinnon about it

The making of Mac

“Fletcher didn’t know how to campaign. McKinnon — he’d go downtown to Horton Plaza, where all the buses stopped, and greet the people as they got off. Gave them cards and handshakes.”

Lost Roads of San Diego, part 1 – Allen’s Dairy Rd., Harsathy St., Anna Ave., Vultee St., Homeland Ave., Suicide Alley

Travel down the streets that the local planning commission forgot

You’re not supposed to use Bachman Road unless you’re an employee of the UCSD Medical Center. UCSD took over this right-of-way in the mid-’80s to have an access road to their parking garage on Pill Hill.

Loma Portal and Midway District during WWII - a walking tour

Frontier Housing – where to get reefers and wenches

The project dwarfed all others, save one. Linda Vista was larger in terms of units (4845 as opposed to the 3500 in Frontier), but the Linda Vista houses had mostly been built as “permanents”

Let’s Be Friends

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