Mani Mir

Mir was gifted writer invited to come from Berkeley to San Diego by Judith Moore. He wrote feature stories in the late 1980s and 1990s for the Reader.

Articles by Mani Mir

Mission Hills – don't be fooled

Book lovers, architecture, Oakley Hall, Francis Parker, Five Points, South Mission Hills, Jerry Schad's view, the ultimate Halloween house

Book-lovers chew the fat at the Mission Hills Library His watch tells him 6:45. This Mission Hills branch stays open tonight — it’s Monday. He slaps the book closed, reshelves it, glances to his left. ...

Mani Mir and the Reader

George Mitrovich, Sandra Dijkstra, Mission Hills book club, Andy Lakey, Clifford Newman, Psychotic Waltz

Mir was gifted writer invited to come from Berkeley to San Diego by Judith Moore. He wrote feature stories in the late 1980s and 1990s for the Reader. Editor's picks of stories Mir wrote for ...

Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego opened its Command Museum

Personal accounts of veterans place us close as we ever get to the battlefield.

Fighting a war must be terribly different from the act of recalling it years later. The hours, days, and weeks of anxious tedium sporadically punctuated by the brutal experience of combat are not the same ...

Welcome, GOP Convention Delegates, to San Diego, City of Shame

The maid had been referred to the Wilsons by Neil Morgan’s wife. The legality of her work status was still not known, said Davies. He said Wilson’s ex-wife Betty had handled all of the other details.

President Clinton says he reads about 250 books a year

George Mitrovich's friends on reading — Gary Hart, Ben Bradlee, Richard Reeves, Gloria Steinem, George Plimpton

My library, which is more than a couple of thousand volumes, has been accumulated over a 35-year period. It’s the most diverse personal library that I’ve ever seen, and that includes the libraries of friends ...

Loss: what San Diegans left behind In 1992

Hair, friends, sports, youth, faith, Evening Tribune, John Sinor

Unlike 1984, when Ronald Reagan made it a point to finish his campaign at a giant rally in the parking lot of Fashion Valley, George Bush came to see the All-Star game and was booed by the locals.

Reader writers write about first day of school

La Mesa, East San Diego, Minneapolis, Logan Heights

Mr. Van Winkle asked the Student Council Reps, to indicate to the classes that if they can convince him through sound logical arguments that they should ride skateboards to school that he will reconsider his position.

La Jolla artist Andy Lakey in the words of friends and famous

Hyper-real: art for the blind

Andy Lakey: I was born in '59. My mother and I moved to the United States in 1963. We're from France. My mother was an artist — and her mother, and her mother's mother. Many ...

You start with Childe's What Happened in History, Clark's The First Half-Million Years

Dead end

They said you might get out. You had a chance. Out of this hellhole. There's a secret. It's a game. That's what you think. Books. Salvation. To know is to be able. You start with ...

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