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Peter Pan in San Diego

Three single men — none of them good

Do San Diego men suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome? The San Diego women who have to date them sure do!

In P.B. the hotter you are the easier it is not to care

Fifteen intimate strangers

Author Maggie Young’s tell-all of her promiscuous days of booze and oblivion in the frenzied, lonely beach town of Pacific Beach.

Pretty in PB

I'm wearing a denim skirt that shows off my legs, the one part of my body I actually like. I'm doing my best to walk gracefully in the black wedged heels I bought last summer. ...

Will and I got married for the extra $1452 Navy pay

The idea came up in Rosarito

Being in the Navy seems like the perfect time to be single. Sailors are young, many just out of high school. They’re always traveling the world. Reaching a foreign port is one of the craziest ...