Liz Swain

Liz Swain has spent much of her life near the San Diego/La Mesa border, living in San Carlos or La Mesa. A former newspaper reporter, Liz's assignments included covering local government and community groups like town councils, reporting on crime, and writing features and columns. She's delighted to do that again by writing Reader Neighborhood News about La Mesa and the Navajo neighborhoods of San Carlos, Allied Gardens (where Liz also lived), Del Cerro, and Grantville.

Articles by Liz Swain

San Carlos – nice two-story homes

Dregs of the 70s, Pyles Peak, pump station, stop signs, Cowles Mountain wrecked, drones

The misbegotten children of San Carlos San Carlos in 1960 was a series of tract homes out in the boonies. There were plenty of hills, trails, and wilderness for a young boy to run wild. ...

Del Cerro – in the shadow of Adobe Falls

Graffiti and trespassers at the falls, 60s homes, Junk House, college housing, Seussian trees

Adobe Falls lovers pin hopes on Sally Roush Frost spoke of a “battle against the internet,” which continues to draw people to the area. “As of this morning, there were 7132 Instagram pictures of Adobe ...

Allied Gardens – a fight for serenity

Superior Ready Mix, farmers market, sinkholes, Kaiser parking, Cowles Mountain, Grantville, Navajo Canyon, Iowa Meats

Superior Ready Mix dusts Allied Gardens “We sweep the streets three times a day, at 4:00 am, mid-day and then mid-afternoon. We paved the interior street that is the extension of Princess View several months ...

La Mesa: forget the antiques

Who but a restaurant could afford $2.50/foot?

On the afternoon of April 7, patrons lined up for the grand opening of Fourpenny House, a Scottish pub and restaurant. Over at Park Estate Company, antique shoppers browsed at the going-out-of-business sale. Restaurateur Peter ...

Madra Dog makes the Christmas scene

Rottweiler statue pulls donations for live brethren (and...cats)

Last week on Madra Avenue, Madra Dog was decked out in a green and red cap, oversized sunglasses with red frames, and a large red bow. The 30-inch-tall rottweiler statue belongs to Janet Mika. Since ...

Life is Good in Ferret-Friendly La Mesa

So said the T-shirts worn by group at a recent council meeting

Although the La Mesa City Council on September 26 rejected the appellation “Ferret-Friendly City” for their town, councilmembers agreed to write letters to support changing state law to allow ownership of domestic ferrets as pets. ...

Little Flower's nuns stymied by La Mesa city council

"I've never seen such a rude group of people"

A La Mesa City Council 2-2 vote on August 8 stalled Silvergate Development’s plan to convert the now-closed Little Flower Haven Catholic retirement home at 8585 La Mesa Boulevard into the 130-unit Little Flower apartment ...

Adobe Falls lovers pin hopes on Sally Roush

Trashers really started growing around 2014

Grease, bees, and dog walks are among the methods that Del Cerro residents have used to deter trespassers from going to Adobe Falls, according to the discussion during Eric Frost’s talk at the July 27 ...

Developers of Little Flower apartments tussle with La Mesa neighbors

Parking is the sticking point

The La Mesa Planning Commission on June 7 was scheduled to consider approving a special permit for Silvergate Development’s conversion of Little Flower Haven, a Catholic retirement home that closed in 2015, into a 130-unit ...