Lawrence Osborne

Osborne is a British novelist who wrote feature stories for the Reader from 1992 to 1994.

Articles by Lawrence Osborne

Passage From India: San Diego's Quietly Prosperous Minority

“Indians came to the valley in the ’20s. They settled out there, particularly the Punjabis, and married Mexican girls because they couldn’t marry Americans. That’s why out in Calexico you’ve got so many Mexican kids named Singh."

Out Here in the Middle of Nowhere:

El Centro Awaits the Metropolis

“I moved here from San Diego and I actually prefer it. I really do. I married a Mexican girl and settled down. They’re the best people I’ve come across yet in California. Certainly the most kind.”

Baja Boom Towns: So Far From God, So Close to the United States

Las Quintas, San Antonio, Real Del Mar, La Paloma, Castillo del Mar, Costa del Sol, Villa del Mar, Costa Bella, Calafia

“Developers are basically rapists. I grew up in Uruguay and Colombia, and I saw what developers from places like Miami did there. Holiday Inns all over the place, totally messing up the coastlines.”

Why Does Ivan Boesky Live There?

Life on Mount Soledad Has Always Been About Turning Back the Clock

Mount Soledad, it is true, is one of the most haughty neighborhoods in the United States. And it’s suffocatingly quaint. Small, cracked tarmac roads weave their way arduously up the crests of canyons and through slopes of chaparral.

Never Use the "M" Word

Del Mar Plaza overcomes finicky hostility

A $30 million development covering 69,000 square feet at the intersection of 15th Street and Camino Del Mar, it styles itself as a “European retail village.” Gone, we gather, are megalomaniac spaces of yesteryear’s malls.


Jewish Space-Jockeys Have Hijacked Your Mind, Your Country, and Your Government, and They Want to Harvest Your Cows, Your Internal Bodily Organs, and There Is Absolutely Nothing You Can Do About It

The Lafayette Hotel on El Cajon Boulevard seems at first an unlikely venue for a major alternative conference dealing with the “Truth About UFOs” — or to give it its proper title, the National New ...

An English child in southern California

I don't want to go to the bikini ladies

Imagine an eight-year-old English boy arriving at LAX for the first time in his life. Having taken off from a freezing, raining London, he arrives 14 hours later to a freezing, raining Los Angeles. He ...

No Amount of Pith-Helmeted Colonials Can Protect You From Chaos

The Cays villages, all Caribbean-cute and nautical-spruce, have a distinctly nervous feel

Gated communities are the coming trend in Southern California, ad although this isn’t really a gated community, it sort of has that feel. People here feel safe because of the security measures.

Iranians settle on Girard Avenue to show carpets

Slabs of Persia

There is a cult Iranian movie, popular both in Iran and among exiles in the U.S., called Agha-ye Avareh, "Mr. Exile." In it a kind of Iranian Charlie Chaplin, complete with shabby suit coat, loosened ...

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