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Mexican Landscapes in San Diego: Museum of Man, La Jolla Women's Club, Casa de Bandini

The Mission myth debunked

Shaping mud into adobe bricks was brought to the Americas by the Spanish, who had learned it from the Moors. But adobe was a material Pueblo culture had worked with before, although not in the efficient brick form.

Tijuana architecture: from Aztec to high tech

Mexican border-town look was equated with neglect and decay

Any city worth being a city has a historical patrimony, one its residents can see and touch. — Luis Tamés More than 1000 miles separate the heartland of Mexico from its northern border with the ...

Night court in Guatemala

Good Samaritan meets up with good neighbor policy

[Editor: this story is followed below by "Love and Debt," the saga of an L.A. real estate broker held in Tijuana on false charges.] "Suddenly a little six-year-old Indian girl decided to cross the road. ...

Reforming cultural prostitution in Tijuana

Driven by shame

Mention the word “architecture” in the same breath as “Tijuana,” and most people think of brightly painted stucco curio shops or pastel-colored, two-story restaurants on Revolution Street, home of the striped burros and photographers, trinket ...