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Wong Lee's hand laundry on Broadway – they started in the Gold Rush

How not to lose your buttons

Pity the Chinaman. He left the China of the Manchus and the Mandarins and the longfingernailed dowager empresses to find life in California. Coolie labor, they called him in California. And labor he did. "Nowadays, ...

San Diego's go-go bars: Les Girls, the In Spot, Barbary Coast, King's Club

Just a job

In North Beach in 1962 if you weren't 21, you slipped a fake driver's license to the bouncer and hoped to get into the bar. A TOPLESS bar. Two dollars a drink to look at ...

Loma Portal lawyer wants to oust San Diego's airport

Airplane noise

You have just been subjected to aural pollution: the sound of a 707 landing at Lindbergh Field. According to San Diego International Airport Manager M.A. McDonald, this kind of pollution-air traffic noise-is falling off. Two ...

Vietnamese, Living Here

I got these orders to Vietnam, you see. They said to report to "Coronado, San Diego" for training. I was afraid, and full of doubts (am I really going to kill innocent peasants?) But I ...

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