Kathryn Snyder

Articles by Kathryn Snyder

We Don't Want You Taking Pictures

Rob Hurlbut, a San Diego photographer and creator of theworldisraw.com, captured video footage of trolley officers brutally taking down a man for smoking a cigarette at a trolley station. Hurlbut shot the video at 8:20 ...

Beach Garbage Cleanup

Take a stroll through Pacific Beach, and you’re likely to encounter just a few too many empty food containers, cans, bags, party flyers, bottles, and cigarette butts. “On a good day we probably remove between ...

P.B.'s Plague

At last week’s Pacific Beach Town Council meeting, Lou Cumming, member of the PB Town Council and sub-committee chair of their Safe & Beautiful Committee, addressed the crowd and spoke about his efforts in keeping ...

Not Fair

Police officers are finding themselves with more time to closely examine vehicle registrations and ticket vehicles that do not have updated registration, despite the fact that the vehicle is not actually on the road. This ...

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