Justin Wolff

Son of Geoffrey Wolff, Justin wrote feature stories plus a weekly column on unusual websites (Sightseer) for the Reader from 1997 to 2006.

Nov. 26, 1998, page 20 Fad Mausoleum (Pet Rock, Rubik's Cube, Troll Doll, CB radio -a Sightseer column)

Feb. 10, 2000, page 20 Hundreds of Uses for Duct Tape (Sightseer column)

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Articles by Justin Wolff

Justin Wolff and the Reader

Yukon, San Diego goths, Ridout Plastics, Russian brides, Hunter Thompson, beautiful urinals, Lescaux, pisser clams, Padres, duct tape, bad fads, ghost towns, Charles Manson, killer surf sites

Son of Geoffrey Wolff, Justin wrote feature stories plus a weekly column on unusual websites (Sightseer) for the Reader from 1997 to 2006. Editor's picks of stories Wolff wrote for the Reader: Feature stories Does ...

23 Reader writers describe the regime of editor Judith Moore

She hated adverbs

Busy Fingers Are Happy Fingers — Joe Deegan Mother Reader — Barbarella Build Your Writing Muscles — Ollie Let the Tape Recorder Do the Work — Matthew Lickona Faith — Abe Opincar Make Something Better ...

She Gave More Than She Took

She never said "Hi" when I answered the phone; she just started talking.

Judith was a ghost to me. She was present, but never corporeally. It strikes me as ironic that I never met her, considering that the body — her body — was one of her principal ...

Corky's Game

Corky McMillan has his way with the NTC

McNab told me recently that he refuses to quit his crusade against the McMillin plan. “There are bodies buried everywhere when it comes to this deal, and we’re out there with shovels and we’ll keep digging.”

UCSD cum laude grad David Medina tried for Chula Vista gang murders

Trigger happy or just plain happy?

Dressed neatly in a white oxford cloth shirt with a blue pullover sweater, David Medina, a.k.a. “Happy,” pursed his lips and appeared to listen closely as Judge John Thompson handed down Medina’s sentence — nine ...

Ridout Plastics — beyond Preisendorfer surfboards

"Maybe The Graduate planted a seed"

Its influence was not as far-reaching as Oprah’s Book Club, but its consequences were likely far more devastating. Though we smirk at its mass appeal and its seeming insincerity, all Oprah’s list does is make ...

A novel of Mission Hills: Oakley Hall's Corpus of Joe Bailey

The beginnings of a lost San Diegan.

A novel from Mission Hills.

Oakley Hall explains Corpus of Joe Bailey

Denounced from San Diego pulpits, banned in Australia and New Zealand

Read first part of the novel. In 1953 Judy Garland made a splendid appearance at the opening reception for the Kentucky Derby. She was wearing a navy-blue, full-length coat; navy-blue, calfskin opera pumps with very ...

Anarchy on the web

Godwin, Kropotkin, Proudhon, Chomsky, and Emma Goldman

Anyone who wrote an apology for his life while in prison, as Oscar Wilde did in De Profundis, cannot properly be called an anarchist. Yet as he so often did, Wilde condensed a credo into ...

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