John Thorne

John Thorne's Simple Cooking newsletter has consisted of essays on food preparation and appreciation blended with snatches of autobiography. It has often included commentary from fictional characters from the fantasy No Name Diner, apparently located in Portland, Maine, and frequent cookbook reviews, and much more rarely, opposing essays by various pseudonymous authors, who are apparently Thorne.

Articles by John Thorne

The problem is not mouse but mice

Quintessential homebody

I am teaching at a private school. Like many such, it has taken over a large country estate — both grounds and house. Although there is a separate classroom building, dining room, and several dormitories, ...

A fire escape, however, is no part of the house at all

To use these stairs is to engage in something that is certainly asocial

My Lower East Side apartment is cramped, smelly, and airless. It radiates the aura of years of abuse suffered patiently, of rooms that have long since lost all hope. However, these do face out the ...

The hard chair in its ideal form is energizing

Sitting down has always been a privilege and a sign of caste

I am having a hard time sleeping. Tired of tossing and turning on my narrow share of bed, 1 leave my companion to her dreams, take my pillow and a blanket, go into the living ...

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