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Amway evangelism at Pacific Beach's Oakwood Apartments

Pyramid of soap

Tide, she explained, contained a high percentage of fillers and fluffers, and had to be used in relatively large amounts.

Riding: Or the La Jolla-San Ysidro Four-Hour Bus Ride Home

Herschel and Silverado, La Jolla: The buildings on this corner in La Jolla don't reek of money: a print shop, a Travelodge, It could be a corner in another part of San Diego. But the ...

Whither the San Diego Peace Movement?

Holly Near, Tom Hayden, Joan Fonda at Russ Auditorium

It was back in 1970 at the mostly long-haired White Whale in La Jolla when I got my first peace handshake. My thumb caught him on the palm and he squeezed the tips of my ...