John Krich

John Krich is a novelist, travel writer, and journalist. His first novel, about the private life of Fidel Castro, shared the prestigious PEN/Hemingway Award.

Articles by John Krich

Vietnam protester John Krich visits Vietnam and thinks about it

Scene of the crime

Tourism is invasion by other means. It’s a battle for leisure-time territory fought between armies in Hawaiian flowered shirts and standard bellhop issue. Where no tour package has yet feared to tread and every new ...

By day, the Tijuana stadium is a Mayan ziggurat placating the gods of the barren West

Mexican baseball – the sport with no clock

The trolley’s last stop nestles under the big gray armpit of the last wide freeway curve on the way to the drive through customs station. But the asphalt arm’s gone, amputated. No attempt has been ...