John Edward Rangel

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Where Hummingbirds Land

Butterflies, lady bugs and hummingbirds fascinated me when I was a child. Raised by my grandparents, who were avid gardeners, I still mark my year by the growing seasons. Hummingbirds especially piqued my curiosity. For ...

I live in Tijuana, Smugglersville

“The cops mess with us. The thieves mess with us. Everybody messes with us.”

I was hobbling back from the store with a liter of milk, when I saw three young men sitting on the steps in front of a house in my Tijuana neighborhood. My friend Trini’s son ...

Tijuana Bars, New Hours

Tijuana’s municipal police force recently began cracking down on the hours that bars can stay open. By law they should close at 2 a.m. and not open again until 10 a.m. 48 San Diego Reader ...

Tijuana, My Kind of Town

There is a little girl who lives on my block and she is always happy. Her age is about three or four but she looks small for her years. I'd say childhood obesity is not ...

Let’s Be Friends

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