John D'Agostino

John D’Agostino was a music writer and editor at the Reader between 1975 and 1990.

Articles by John D'Agostino

Reader writers tell funny stories about dead colleague, Steve Esmedina

Blubbo's world

Esmo’s phone manner was so hugger-mugger that I could be sitting four feet away and could not make out a single word. For all I could tell, he might have been laying fifty on a pony.

Blubbo Adrift

He dismissed country-music artists as “Okie Bobs,” called Jackson Browne and most of his ilk “whiners.”

In the Reader’s scuffling days, Steve Esmedina was the staff’s Doc Holliday — erudite, enigmatic, and bedeviled by self-consumptive tendencies that seemed rooted in debilitating, unspoken discomfiture. For as long as I knew him, he ...

Log of my mother's Alzheimer's

Carrying Mom

1:00 a.m. The dyslexic hour. Words on computer monitor start to run together. Squinting. Brain tired. Slumping. Sleep summons. The house has been quiet for hours. My favorite time of day, my “afternoon.” Quiet time. ...

In defense of chiropractors

Them bones, them bones

Skeletons are horrors; they dink and tinkle and rattle in old castles, hung from oaken beams, making long, indolently rustling pendulums on the wind.... —Ray Bradbury, Skeleton THE PROTAGONIST IN Bradbury’s short story, a Mr. ...

Ernesto Contreras' TJ laetrile clinic

Cancer connection

THE MAN checked his package one last time. In the battered shoe-box. all things seemed in order. There were four slices cf white bread on the bottom of the box. topped by a layer of ...

1976 San Diego guide to buying concert tickets

Civic Theater, Golden Hall, Backdoor, Montezuma Hall, Old Globe, Stadium, Sports Arena, Spreckels

CIVIC THEATRE The Civic Theatre is San Diego’s “official” concert hall, being part of the city's community concourse complex, and boasting the plushest setting for entertainment in the county. As a showcase for productions including ...

Let’s Be Friends

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