Joel Drucker

Oakland-based tennis historian and author of Jimmy Connors Saved My Life: A Personal Biography, Joel Drucker came to San Diego off and on from 1995 and 2007 to write for the Reader.

Articles by Joel Drucker

La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club was Kellogg family's hobby

A Jew and and the California dream

Dear Dad, Do you remember the first time we walked along the Pacific Ocean? It was in Carmel in the summer of 1965, our first vacation in California. That was during your two-year stint as ...

Everyone wants Dick Enberg’s job at CBS

Broadcast booth confidential

If you’re any kind of sports fan, you’ll have to admit you’re at least a teensy bit jealous of La Jolla resident Dick Enberg. And why not? You sit in your living room, watching the ...

San Diego's tennis curse

Just ask Peter Herrmann, Walter Redondo, Karen Hantze, Gigi Fernandez

The isolation of sports gives tennis players—who even fail to be socialized by playing on teams and learning to cheer on others—a Peter Pan aura, a continuous youth and a potential escape from responsibility.

Michael Schudson and the start of UCSD communications department

Everybody thinks the media is Superman, but it's really Clark Kent.

Ground zero for Professor Michael Schudson is his office on the UCSD campus. What appears to be a den of isolation is in fact an intellectual Grand Central Station. But the molecules bouncing around this ...

The straight-talkin', hard-playin' tennis great Pancho Segura

The tale of the brown Indian and the stupid sissy sport

Wander into the hills of Carlsbad between 5:30 and 6:35 a.m. and you might encounter a legendary man walking through the streets. He's pigeon-toed, so he'll appear to be walking sideways, but his gait will ...