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Who won the election? Clinton or Trump?

News takes backseat to nature

The Lazy Lizard Saloon in Ocotillo seemed friendly on Wednesday afternoon, the day after the election. I had just returned from three days of backpacking in Vallecito Valley, not knowing if Clinton or Trump had ...

The Chargers-Mariposa ice cream connection/disconnection

C.J. Spillman likes it; Malcolm “Coldstone” Floyd goes elsewhere

Dick and Anna, the owners of Mariposa Ice Cream in Normal Heights, were worried. Chargers wide receiver Malcolm Floyd had just caught a pass and had his neck rammed back into his shoulders by a ...

Mattress Man picks up and delivers to Mexico

Over 20 in one load — no problem

Sometimes one mattress is not enough for one pickup truck. How about 21 of them? My neighbor rescues mattresses (and many other things) bound for landfills and donates them to folks in Mexico who can ...

A visit to Backpack Ridge in the Jamul Mountains

Ground zero for discarding excess gear

No doubt I’m trespassing. An hour ago, I stretched a length of barbed wire, passing under a fence line and into this realm of green hills and rocky outcrops. Boats twinkle below on lower Otay ...

Jerry Sanders watch: Kensington Starbucks

Tuesday morning, December 11, about 8:40 at the Kensington Starbucks: "What? No more big black Escalade with the entourage following you around?" Laughter at the counter. I look up and see former mayor Jerry Sanders ...

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