James Michael Dorsey

James Michael Dorsey
James Michael Dorsey is an explorer, author, and photographer who has traveled to 44 countries. Most of his journeys are far off the beaten path, to record indigenous cultures.

His first book is Tears, Fear and Adventure, and his second book, Dancing with Dinosaurs is scheduled for a 2013 release. He is a contributor to the the Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Perceptive Travel, and Wavelength magazine. He has had features in BBC Wildlife, Natural History, Wend, Sea Kayaker, Ocean, and International Living magazines. His work has appeared in the TravelersTales book series, in addition to Wild Moments, the Seattle Times, Orlando Sentinel, and L.A. Weekly newspapers. He is a five-time SOLAS category award winner for “Best Travel Writing.” Published in Canada, England, Japan, China, Dubai, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

He is a regular contributor to the inflight magazines of Air Uganda, Air Nigeria, and Seychelles Airlines. His photos have been used by the National Wildlife Federation, Ocean Conservancy, International Cetacean Society, California Gray Whale Coalition, and the International Whaling Commission. His photos were twice chosen as Kodak Internationals “Photo of the Day.” He has appeared on National Public Radio’s “Weekend America" and is a Fellow of the Explorers Club and former director of the Adventurers Club.

You can find his website at: jamesdorsey.com.

Articles by James Michael Dorsey

The Mitchell Caverns: California's sacred caves

Explore these ancient limestone caverns a 4.5-hour drive north in the Mojave.

The Mitchell Caverns are not as large as those at Carlsbad, New Mexico, or as well known — but are local, every bit as dramatic, and come complete with a history made for movies. I ...

China Lake: California's rock art library

See the largest gathering of petroglyphs in the northern hemisphere.

At night, especially under a full moon, the locals say you can hear the voices of the ancient ones. They ride the wind, telling the story of their people as they glide across the rocks. ...

Antelope Valley's fields of orange

Time the 3.5-hour drive north in the spring for spectacular waves of color.

Officially known as the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve, the rolling hills of the southern Mojave, 15 miles west of Lancaster, explode with color each spring as 1,745 acres of wildflowers end their hibernation and burst ...

The Birds of Bodega, CA

Hitchcock's film legacy endures in two tiny Northern California coastal towns.

In 1963 the smash-hit movie The Birds, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, terrified film audiences and was the talk of the town for months after its opening. The story of a small California town under siege ...

Take a ride on Cambodia's Bamboo Train

"It's 120 degrees, I am soaking wet, and having the time of my life."

On my third run I am getting the hang of things, taking cues from the pig next to me to see how far he leans into the turns while ducking in time to avoid the ...

A glimpse of old Burma on Yangon's Circle Train

In backpacker hotspot Myanmar, the best journey might be going in a circle.

Nyein Sanda works in an office not much larger than a closet in the central train station in Yangon, Myanmar. His ticket booth on platform 7 hosts a constant stream of tourists looking to ride ...

Mud and infidels: Djenné, Mali

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is something to behold – if you can make it here.

When the first rays of sunrise strike the great mosque at Djenné, many believers fall to their knees from its beauty. Djenné, Mali, is a fly speck on a map. Overlooked by most travelers, it's ...

Journey to ground zero: Hiroshima, Japan

Stepping off the bullet train into a cold Hiroshima morning, we could sense the past. My wife Irene and I became immersed in its history by chance. A journey through New Mexico took us to ...

Ringing of the bells: St. Petersburg, Russia

More than famous names in one of the city's historical treasures.

Cemeteries have always fascinated me, and I have visited them all over the world. On a recent trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia, I visited the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Founded in 1710, it contains some of ...