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I live with dinosaurs

Home museum in Escondido ordered to shut down

The property rights of a longtime resident have come head-to-head with City of Escondido zoning laws. School buses bringing students and scouts to a local museum will no longer be allowed to park in the ...

Some seniors seek easy access to suds

Others are trying to quash Escondido gas-station liquor-license application

The rights of a private business came head-to-head with the state agency that regulates liquor sales last Wednesday, April 22, in San Marcos. Socal Gas & Car Wash, LLC, doing business as Arco AM/PM at ...

Mi casa no es su casa

Senior citizens in Escondido beat back liquor-license application…for now

Escondido is considered a “moratorium city” by the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the agency responsible for issuing new liquor licenses. Since 2011, a five-year plug has been placed on the issuance of any ...

In honor of Ernie and all veterans

Vista gets started (and restarted) on military memorials

By the end of 2015, Vista will have two new military memorials. The Vista Hi-Noon Rotary Club recently broke ground to build a memorial wall that pays homage to all branches of the military. "This ...