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San Diegans at the Renegade explain country music

Out there on the dance floor is a bit of paradise

4:00 p.m. Saturday evening: “Honky Tonk Heroes” Where did it go? Good Lord only knows. Seems like it was just the other day. (Waylon Jennings, 1973) The Renegade Inn is many things, but you don’t ...

The tough nun from San Diego's Our Lady of the Angels

Dear Sister Philomena

A nun helped to change my life. She was cool and aloof. Like the Catholic Church of the time, she was tough and she brooked no question to her authority. Times have changed. The Catholic ...

Wounded veteran Jerry Stadtmiller meets nurse at Vietnam Memorial who worked on his face

Nobody wanted to hear from us

He was young and he was in Vietnam, and he took two sniper bullets in the head. The miracle was that he survived. However, his face was disfigured. He was blind, with much of his ...

Gay bars in Hillcrest after midnight

. On the path to rapture and despair

9:41 p.m. Where are their faces? Friday night, and dozens of headless musclemen on video, strutting at some outdoor gay-pride event. Near-naked, their bronzed muscles stretched by steroids and molded by Nautilus machines, a cross ...

San Diego surf glossary — based on Trevor Cralle's Surfin’ary

Each wave shines like a diamond

A. AAAAHOOO! The first term found in a book on “surfspeak." is reported as the sound made by a surfer when up and riding a wave, when watching another surfer catch a hot ride, or ...

San Diego African-Americans to try imagine a different reality

Whites feel that this country belongs to them – the dirt, the sand, the water

"I wanted to be a model. If I was white, I'm sure, what with the connections white folks have, things would have gone easier, and they would have introduced me to people and helped me on my way."

Will California kill LaTwon Weaver?

Pastor's son in San Quentin for shooting Vista jeweler

SAN QUENTIN, THE MAIN BUILDING, RISES FULL INTO VIEW. This maximum-security prison is in fact a scatter of buildings, a fortressed village built upon rock for the purpose of keeping a few men in and ...

Five San Diego black brothers reflect on race

Wrestle not against flesh

I happened to be born colored, like York. By 1950, with Marcus, we had become Negro. Today we are African Americans. However, when the snapshot was taken with Shawn and Andre, we were all known as black.

Growing Up Negro in San Diego

How an African-American soul was lost.

I saw a black man sprawled in the gutter on Imperial Avenue, clutching an empty bottle of cheap Thunderbird. I felt bad for him. “He’s not in your family, is he?" my mother asked.

Let’s Be Friends

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