Glenn Wallace

Wallace wrote feature stories for the Reader in the 1980s.

Articles by Glenn Wallace

With a Friend Like Ray

Some might consider him a lunatic, others a pioneer

When people ask about my friend Ray, I tell them he is crazy. I tell them that with a bit of discomfort, even guilt. Ray is not really crazy, not in a certifiable sense. Psychiatrists ...

The Soul of a City

One search can reveal many truths

Tom was looking for the soul of the city, though not in the same way as I. He chose to live in North Park because he believed that the transience of that neighborhood epitomized the transience of San Diego.

The Neptune Lesson

I answered an ad in the Union to teach on a Navy ship

In the fall of 1982 I answered an ad for teachers that appeared in the San Diego Union classifieds. The job involved going to sea on deployed U.S. Navy ships and instructing in reading, basic ...

The Rise and Fall of Racquetball

San Diego was to racquetball what Hawaii was to surfing.

When companies like Ektelon and Leach looked at just who was coming to tournaments, they found that the audience consisted mostly of players, their friends, and families — a limited market.

The Bloody Battle of San Pasqual

The fierce, brief fight that left the American Army a shambles.

A small chapter in American history was written in San Diego nearly 140 years ago. It involved General Stephen Kearny, Kit Carson, and a series of strategic blunders.

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